January Employment Law Update

January Employment Law Update

“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” – William Shakespeare King Henry VI Part 2.

As 2014 slowly unravels, together with most of our well intended New Year’s resolutions, it makes sense for people running businesses or managing people to update themselves on the most significant changes in employment law in order to avoid future employment litigation from disgruntled staff.

The other alternative would be to follow the advice above, although this could take some time and lead to further criminal and civil litigation and is not recommended by this lawyer…!

Employment law changes 2014: 10 things employers need to know

Personnel Today have produced a user friendly article on the top 10 things employment law changes this year that employers need to know about

Primary Source: http://www.personneltoday.com/hr/employment-law-changes-2014-10-things-employers-need-know/

Muslim staff at M&S permitted to refuse to serve customers alcohol or pork

The Telegraph has reported that a policy at Marks and Spencers permits its Muslim staff to refuse to serve customers alcohol or pork. The retailer stated that it usually attempts to assign suitable roles to employees who could not handle certain items because of their religious beliefs. However, it admitted that it had breached its own internal policy by making its employees choose between their religious beliefs and their responsibilities to the retailer.

Source: The Practical Law Company

Secondary Source: M&S faces furious backlash from customers over Muslim policy, Telegraph, 22 December 2013.


Whistleblowing on the rise in UK

Research undertaken by an investigations company, Kroll, has revealed that conscience, fear and the possibility of financial rewards have encouraged whistleblowers to provide information to regulators. As a result, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) opened 72% more cases (between January and October 2013) than in the preceding 12 months, based on information provided by whistleblowers. In addition, figures obtained by Kroll show that 5,150 people contacted the FCA’s whistleblower hotline during the same period, compared with 3,813 in the previous year. Meanwhile, BIS has asked the FCA to conduct research as to whether rewards for whistleblowing work.

Primary  Source: The Practical Law Company

Secondary Source: Whistleblower tip-offs soar in the UK, Financial Times, 23 December 2013.

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